SEF Tech at HCJ 2023 : Innovative Induction Cooker Technology Boosts Japan's Hotel Industry Upgrade

From February 7th to 10th, 2023, SEF Tech attended the HCJ 2023 Hotel Equipment Exhibition at Tokyo's Big Sight in Odaiba. As a company focused on innovative induction cooker technology, we showcased the tabletop induction cooker ET-28, attracting numerous professionals.

The ET-28's most significant feature is its flexible power range, which can be freely adjusted between 50W and 3500W. It has a dual voltage feature, allowing seamless switching between 100V and 240V, making it globally compatible and an ideal choice for hoteliers.

During the exhibition, the SEF Tech team engaged in in-depth discussions with numerous exhibitors and visitors. Professionals expressed that these innovative products are expected to bring convenient and efficient cooking solutions to Japan's hotel industry.

Following the conclusion of the exhibition, SEF Tech will continue to develop and promote innovative induction cooker products to meet the needs of the hotel industry. We look forward to these innovative products being widely applied in Japan's hotel industry, improving operational efficiency, reducing energy consumption, and enhancing the customer experience.

SEF Tech will uphold its spirit of innovation, developing more high-quality products to meet market demands. At the same time, we will strengthen communication and cooperation with partners to jointly bring opportunities and challenges to Japan's hotel industry. SEF Tech's successful demonstration at HCJ 2023 signifies an important breakthrough in the field of induction cooker technology and will continue to provide quality products and services for Japan's hotel industry.