5 KW High Power



Dual zone table-top induction cooker

Half-bridge structure ensures not only the stability but also provides minimum continuous output of 300W to expand the flexibility of cooking.

Knob control to adjust 12 power levels.

Built-in IR sensor improves the speed of temperature detection to effectively prevent from empty pot burning.

Max. 3500W per zone is good for fast heating and large-scale cooking.

4 pieces of server-grade fans guarantees the long-term stable performance.

Filters under the front zone blocks out most of the greasy air to extend the life of electronic components.

Specification @230V x 2 : max. output 7000W
Dimension Glass top:350 x 550 x 6 mm / SCHOTT Ceran
Overall:400 x 740 x 196 mm
Weight 21 KG
Certification CE


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5 KW High Power

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