Built-in Series

ABIB-2-2000 / ABIB-3-2000 ( former CBIB )


Remote built-in multi-zone induction cooker

Separated coil box and generators helps utilize the space efficiently.

One coil box can contain 2 to 3 heating coils with 1 single glass top, providing a clear look on the buffet table.

Each cooking zone can operate independently with max. 2000W output.

External controller with buttons to adjust 9 power levels.

Rail box for storaging 2 to 3 generators and each generator will have a built-in fan for cooling.

Specification @230V x 2 : single zone max. output 2000W
Dimension Glass top
ABIB-3:1180 x 380 x 6 mm
ABIB-2:800 x 380 x 6 mm
Dimension ABIB-3 coil box:1180 x 380 x 66 mm
ABIB-2 coil box:800 x 380 x 66 mm
Generator:323 x 365 x 65 mm
Table Cut-off ABIB-3:1140 x 360 mm
ABIB-2:760 x 360 mm
Cut-off for controller 323 x 365 x 65 mm
Weight ABIB-3:21 KG
ABIB-2:14 KG


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Built-in Series

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