Buffet Restaurant Steamboat Restaurant



Induction warmer

External controller with touch control to adjust 8 levels of target temperature from 60-95 degree Celsius, 5 degrees per level.

Real-time temperature display, convenient for temperature monitoring.

Fanless design providing quiet operation and avoids sucking moisture and dust inside.

Daisy chain capability to inter-connect max. 4 units by only 1 wall plug.

Max. output only 300W@220V, reducing the burden of overall power supply.

Optional IR remote control and mini display available.

Specification @230V, max. output 300W
@120V, max. output 200W
Dimension Glass-top:Dia. 180 x 4 mm SCHOTT Ceran
Overall:Dia. 180 x 81.5 mm
Weight 1.5 KG


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Buffet Restaurant Steamboat Restaurant

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